Welcome to Knuth Iron

Knuth Iron was started in 1990 by brothers Kerry and Kevin Knuth. After designing and building a self propelled Bean Buggy for use in Kerry's farming operation, the two decided metal design and fabrication was a good business to begin.

  • 1990 Started in business stocking and selling new steel, and doing general welding repair.
  • 1991 Designed and manufactured first "Irrigation Engine Cover" and started producing and selling.
  • 1992 Engine Cover was streamlined to become "Carports and Park Shelters".
  • 1993 First "Quick-Flip Ridging Wing" was designed and sold, joined up with a manufacturers rep and started mass producing them for all brands of cultivators and chisel plows.
  • 1994 Customers requested that carports begin to be enclosed to become a "One Car Garage"
  • 1995 Redesigned the building structure and started manufacturing "All-Steel Buildings" from 10' wide to 24' wide in lengths using a standard 8' bay.
  • 1996 Started manufacturing and selling a quality designed "Irrigation Engine Cart".
  • 1997 Designed and started producing "The Switch Guard" and selling direct to customers and through all John Deere dealers after having trouble touching the wrong switch on a J.D. 8300 on their own farming operation.
  • 1997 Started manufacturing and selling the "Closing Wheel Fender" for planters. Designed in 1986 for use on own planter after having plugging problems.
  • 2007 Continuing to produce all these products and working on designing two new products.